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2019 Vibe Lacrosse - Fall Session


Tournaments Available

Carroll University Play Day, Waukesha, WI - Sunday, September 29th

Chitown Classic, Waukegan, IL - Saturday, October 12th (please check your Homecoming dates)

Top Cheddar, Franksville, WI - Sunday, October 20th (please check your Homecoming dates)

Field of Screams, Naperville, IL - Sunday, Oct 27th (Select Team and some 2023s)

Field of Screams, Naperville, IL - Saturday, Oct 26th (14U)

IWLCA President's Cup, West Palm Beach, FL - Friday, Nov 22-Sunday, Nov 24 (2020/2021/2022 Select Team Only)


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Badger Vibe HS Info - Grad Years 2020/2021/2022/2023 - Practices at Carroll University, Waukesha

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